I'm having some trouble playing games and using applications via Wine. I can install games, for example Guild Wars and Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 (THPS2), but I can't manage to play them. When I run Guild Wars, the screen freezes, leaving my PC useless. With THPS2, a dialog says that I have to insert the CD, when the CD is in the drive. I have configured my drives in
, by adding the directory
to the list. Still, it doesn't work.
My video card is a Nvidia 6200A-LE (256mb AGP). I can't install the nvidia drivers because of this:

#### YaST2 conflicts list - generated 2008-11-19 18:25:32 ####

nothing provides kernel(pae:vmlinux) = 19ac3fde1eb13345 needed by nvidia-gfx-kmp-pae-96.43.07_2.6.25.11_0.1-0.1.i586

[ ] do not install nvidia-gfx-kmp-pae-96.43.07_2.6.25.11_0.1-0.1.i586

#### YaST2 conflicts list END ###

However, I can install the Nouveau Open Source Nvidia drivers without any problem.

Thanks in advance,