I just installed wine on ubuntu 8.04 and it works fine for several programs.
Except for one1, Euroglot, a very handy translator E-D-F-G, I downloaded (for free) quite some time ago on Windows, but which isn't free anymore.... This program works (via wine) in Ubuntu when I click on the exe file on the virtual c disk, but the installer didn't place a shortcut to Applications/Wine/Programs (in the past, the program didn't place shortcuts under windows either, I created these myself), but in Ubuntu, I don't know how to do this, or it does not work ... When I create a new item under Edit Menus/new item, and when I use as command-line the path to this exe-file (/home/geert/.wine/drive_c/EUROGLOT/EUROGLOT.EXE), then, when I use the 'link', the program does start, but crashes after a while. (Which it NEVER does when I just click on the exe file on the virtual c-disk...)
On the other hand, I can start the program everytime without crashing via the command terminal, by these 2 sparate command lines:
$ cd /home/geert/.wine/drive_c/EUROGLOT ,and:
Can somebody help me to find a way to place a shortcut in Ubuntu, somewhere on the desktop, or near to it, so I can start up this program (via wine) easily:
-without having to go each time to the exe file on the virtual c-disk (Am I typing something wrong in the path to the exe file in the Edit Menu window?),
-or without having to type the 2 command lines in the command-terminal? ( a small executable script based on these command lines or so ?)