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Thread: WINE: Heeelp

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    WINE: Heeelp

    Hello my name is Marcus,
    I'm completely new to Linux and the reason why I have Linux is because my old windows hand me down system crashed (well actually downloaded a BAADD virus ) so my brother was able to get my computer up and running with freespire a couple of months ago. The reason why I'm posting this thread is because I want to play Diablo 2 LOD on my freespire system I did some researching and found out people are downloading a program called "wine" and using that to "modify" the game so it will run on linux, My problem is I don't understand all the computer lingo let alone the operating system that I'm using (by the way I'm using Linux because it's FREE and I cant afford the new windows). So with that said HEEELP can someone explain to me in laimans terms what to do, frankly I could not really even understand how to download the proper form of wine from there main website. Thanks for taking the time to read all this.


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    Welcome to the forums!

    I've never run WINE myself, but if you can post the specific portions of the instructions that you are having problems with, someone might be able to expand on them enough to get you up and running.

    As for the version to download, you might check the Freespire software repositories for a version that has been built specifically for your distribution, and release version. This Freespire User Manual might help you with various aspects of using Freespire and installing software,

    Sorry I that can't offer more specific help, but I don't run Freespire, either. Perhaps someone will be able to chime in with additional information for you.

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    After you download Wine you'll need to decompress and compile it. Open a terminal window and cd to the directory that the Wine tarball has been downloaded to, type the following command

    tar -xvzf wine%version%.tar.gz

    (If your download comes in another compression form such as bz2 you'll need to check the 'tar --help' file to modify the command accordingly.

    Then, cd into the newly created wine directory and type


    Note the last line of text in the output and type the command it tells you.

    Once compiled you can download your .exe to your desktop, open it from the GUI using 'open with' and then browse to wine.

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    Thanks for the help guys

    Thanks for the help guys I will let you know how it pans out. As for downloading the right format of wine from there website that was another issue I was strugling with.

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    After Wine, try PlayOnLinux

    it can be fun to install (and disregard if you don't have internet on your computer), but if you get PlayOnLinux installed and running, all you have to do is select the game from the drop down menu and instructions made by someone who has gotten the game to work will run on your computer. It is a lot easier than trying to figure out problems and workarounds on your own...

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