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    Missing Text in Wine

    I just installed Wine onto a desktop running Fedora 10 but all the text in all wine programs is blank and the installers, and actual games are all missing text. THe games have text but it is all muddled up and mispelled etc.

    I thought i might be a problem with Microsoft TrueType fonts so, i followed this guide Personal Fedora 10 Installation Guide and installed TrueTYpe fonts, but still. No text.

    I dont know if you have to restart the font cache or anything. I just restarted the pc.
    Does anyone have any idea's how i can get the text to appear?

    Thank you.

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    i had the same problem with wine some time ago. You don`t need to restart your pc after adding a new font in wine. I think use I Tahoma fonts and the text problem was solved for me.
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    I didnt install TrueType into wINE, I just installed them standardly into Fedora. How would i go about installing Tahoma so Wine can use it? Any ideas?

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    i have just copied the font .ttf in ./wine/dosdevices/C:/windows/Fonts

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