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    need a help in wine

    hi friends,
    I'm a new user of wine.I want to know how to install windows applications like photoshop,flash ,etc...

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    Once wine is installed, find the .exe that installs the app you want and use wine to open it. From the command line, you would cd to the directory where the .exe is and run it like this:
    wine the_app_to_install.exe
    After installation you run the app from within the .wine directory which is in your home directory:
    cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/directory_of_desired_app/
    wine the_app_to_run.exe
    Please be aware that Linux is not another version of Windows but is an entirely different operating system. Running Windows apps under wine will result in the app running almost perfectly to not at all. It is far from dependable with many Windows programs. The best advice I can give you is to look for a Linux equivalent to the Windows apps you want or simply run them under Windows.
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    Most CS3 application work in linux but CS4 doesnt work completely yet.
    Many applications are tested on Wine everyday by users and results are give here on Wine AppDB

    and there is Spectific adobe application catagory under AppDB Wiki which is AdobeApps

    Most of the time Wine needs to be tweaked to run a perticular software.
    you can use thrid party software for solving dependacies easily
    Get them HERE

    You can use IRC to get support from official wine support on #winehq

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