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    EVE Online with Wine

    Trying to get EVE Online running through Wine on my EEE PC that has Ubuntu: Easy Peasy on it. WHen the game starts up it goes full screen, screen goes black, about 15 seconds later the whole computer freezes up. Anyone know what could be up?

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    # winecfg
    on your terminal
    Go to "Graphics" tab, and emulate a virtual desktop, smaller than real one.
    # cd /path/to/game
    change to root directory of game.(where .exe is located)
    and execute it from CLI
    wine game.exe
    see what error it throws on the terminal.

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    EVE Online is rated Gold application.

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    EVE Online actually has a Linux client - or is performance actually greater through wine?

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    As far as I know, the Linux client was never that good so most people used wine anyway. I think that it was some kind of hack, it wasn't a proper port, but the same windows client compiled against winelib or cedega or something like that, shame on them.

    Anyway, I've seen official notice around that that crappy client is being discontinued anyway, so you really haven't much options, but to use wine.

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