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    Oblivion WINE Help

    OS: Ubuntu 8.04
    Wine 1.0.1

    Hello everyone. I have been using Linux for the last week and am hooked. Never again will I touch Windows. I use Virtual box ose to emulate windows xp just to more easily run my microsoft office software, love it! But on to why I am here. I am trying to setup Elder Scrolls 4 with Wine 1.0.1. I am following a guide listed here:

    Oblivion under Ubuntu with Wine - Ubuntu Forums

    I am stuck on step 5:

    "5. Registry editing in Wine. Run the command below and it'll pop-up a Wine version of regedit.


    wine regedit.exe

    Now browse HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Wine / Direct3D. Right click in the pane to make New > String Value for each of the following key pairs:


    OffscreenRenderingMode fbo
    UseGLSL enabled
    VideoMemorySize 256 "

    It tells me under the registry editor that I find Direct3D under HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Wine / Direct3D, but its not there. I used ctrl-f and found it in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>Microsoft>Direct3D

    Did I miss a step or something? Anyways, I went ahead and added the code in that spot just to see if that would work also, but I am not sure I did that correctly either. I made a "new string value" entitled it" OffscreenRenderingMode", and made its value "fbo". I did this for the other codes listed in step 5 as well. I saved all that, completed the rest of the steps in the guide to set up the game. Now when I try and actually install the game with wine, the wine window comes up but it just does nothing... so I am not sure what I am doing wrong, any help/advice would be appreciated. And yes, before anyone says it, I am reading and learning completely how to do everything with linux, not just asking for a handout on how to make things work.

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    Copy this text and save file as something.reg





    Open up Terminal Emulator.
    and type.
    # regedit
    Click on Registry >> Import Registry

    If you save something.reg in "/home/user/.wine/drive_c/" you can see it in C:

    Browse where you saved something.reg and merge it.

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