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    me, wine and basic human stupidity

    hello, I have just done something a little bit silly. I was editing my main menu and sort of pressed a button, purely on the basis that I had never really noticed it before. I would like to say that I was distracted by a posse of oriental virgins but truth be told, I was really tired. And tired = stupid.

    Anyways I deleted wine from the main menu and I would really like it back. If its at all relevant I installed 1.1.16, however wine --version outputs 1.1.14, my previous install of wine. If anyone can help me by telling me how I can launch wine via command line so I can create a new menu launcher for it, that would be really appreciated. And also why does wine --version point to my previous install of wine?

    Thank you for any help you can spare.

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    As to why wine --version does not refer to your current install, I cannot say. Did you install wine from source or from your repository. If it was from source, then you may still have the previous install linked to /usr/bin/wine (or the like).

    When you say main menu, I am assuming that you are talking about your kde/gnome/xfce/fluxbox menu. These are pretty easy to fix.

    For KDE:
    1.) Left click the menu
    2.) Right click on any entry of the menu and select "Edit Menu"
    3.) Create a new item and drag and drop it to where you want to see it in the menu.

    Gnome has a menu editing gui as well as xfce. Most others just have a configuration file (e.g. fluxbox's menu is stored in ~/.fluxbox/menu) The syntax is generally pretty simple.

    Here is an example of how to run something under wine:

    If you are in the directory containing the .exe:
    wine whatever.exe

    To start a program when you are not in the directory:
    wine /path/to/wine/directory/.wine/drive_c/"Program Files"/PhotoScape/PhotoScape.exe

    Good luck, and get some sleep
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    Thank you! Sorry not to have got back sooner, but stuff happens etc etc...

    I got there in the end...and only more faffing around got me to the point where I could frame my question properly; which would have been how do I start the wine configuration gui from the command line. Once I had that I could then follow your helpful instructions re the menu entry.

    Thanks for your help, it did come in very handy at the end! And I am getting more sleep, I find that memorising bash shell commands befuddles my conscious mind into slipping into a deep slumber and strange dreams where I am trying to compile Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Truly, Linux has enriched my life.

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