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    Wine Doors cannot install Win app from a setup file on HD?

    I just installed Wine Doors but I see no option to install a Windows app from a setup.exe file on my hard drive. I only see options to download a Win program or install an app from CD. Am I missing something? I guess I should just use Wine, not Wine Doors, to install from an .exe?

    I'm a Linux newbie running Mint 6 and am just starting to try to learn how to use Wine. I wish there was a wizard or something to install a new app.

    By the way, Wine Doors website has a section labeled "documentation" with a link "Installing Windows Applications", but there is no documentation at all there when you click on it.

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    If all you want to do is run an *.exe, then using wine will be easy. WineDoors is more helpful for programs that need a little tweaking before they will run properly (e.g. certain dll libraries loaded natively etc.). Also, if I'm not mistaken they are trying to be a package manager for windows applications on linux as part of their goals (hence why they have "download an app" as an option, but not install from harddrive).

    Open a terminal:

    Go to the directory that has the .exe file in it

    $ cd /path/to/file

    Now run it with wine:

    $ wine whatever.exe

    Some applications will run, some won't. You can look at the WineHQ data base here: WineHQ - Run Windows applications on Linux, BSD and Mac OS X to see if your app will run "right out of the box."
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    thanks sdimhoff. Well, I think I would rather run it from the GUI than from Terminal, but I will try that if the GUI won't install it. I have to figure out how to run this program, which is not on the Wine list as it's a pretty obscure instructional program, but after installation in WIndows it still requires its CD in a CD drive to run. I have an ISO of the CD so i guess I need to mount it as a virtual CD drive before I can try to install the program in Wine. It's pretty complicated for a newb but I hope I can figure it out.

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