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    Prog won't maximise without Alt+F10


    I've got 'WriteOutloud' (talking wordprocessor for dyslexic children) working pretty well on an Asus Eeepc (Xandros) and on an Acer Aspire One (Kuki Linux) I'm using Wine 1.0.1 on both machines. What happens is that the prog starts up normally then immediately minimises to the taskbar. To make it run fullscreen you have to click on it and press Alt+F10

    Although not a serious problem it makes the machine more difficult for children to use so I'd like to iron out that last small bug.

    When run from terminal I get

    err:dc:CreateDCW no driver found for L""

    Sorry, but I'm still a bit of a Linux noobie so this doen't mean much to me. Can anyone help?


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    1.0.1 is actually quite old. You should update to the latest version of wine.

    After that, if the problem persist, check the wine application database on their website, to see if someone has this same problem.

    If no one reported it, you can open a new bug so the problem can be fixed on a future release.

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    I did try updating to 1.2.22 but it actually made things worse (other progs failed!) However someone on the WineHQ forum suggested trying Autohotkeys and I have succeeded in getting it to work perfectly by launching Autohotkeys and getting it to automate the launch of WriteOutLoud. I'm not sure why this should be - maybe because Autohotkeys is launching it from within the 'mock 'C drive' Everything is initiated by clicking on a desktop icon which says 'Writeoutloud' but is actually Autohotkeys!

    Appreciate your help.

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