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    Wine drives real mapping question

    I have wine 1.0.1 setup with the default c and a d drive where I put things manually. It was working for months until today, I connected a third drive to look at some data.

    I've seen some interesting things connecting a new drive in linux, fstab doesnt know when sdb is now sdc. (UUID fixes this issue). But fstab wasnt the problem here.

    My \media\wine\ddrive files displayed as always but would not run. When I tried to run an exe from a command prompt, it said there was no D: drive (basically).

    It would ls just fine. If there were an fstab issue, it wouldn't show in ls.

    I deleted and added again D: in the wine config, same path \media\wine\ddrive, no change.

    Rebooted a few times...

    If it shows in ls and shows in the wine config..... wth is wrong?

    Then I disconnected the new drive, and it booted up working again.

    Is there something more to that wine drive config paths than is showing? When you say \media\wine\ddrive = D: does it really see \dev\sdb2\wine\ddrive?

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    What filesystem is the new drive? If it is FAT or NTFS, check your umask on the new drive (if set). Some distros now default to a mask 1 instead of 0, which will let you read and write, but not execute. If that's the case, try setting umask=0 in the mount options.

    Otherwise, check your symlinks in ~/.wine/dosdevices. Removable devices should have two links... a x: -> /mount/point and a x:: -> /dev/devicename , Permanently mounted devices only have the x: -> /mount/point . If these are incorrect, it may confuse wine.

    At worst case, you should still be able to access any directory the user has permissions for via the z: drive (which should point to root (/)).

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    I didn't run anything from temporarily connected drive. It was a separate matter of grabbing a few bits of data from an offline drive.

    When it was connected, I could see the files that should be d: drive, see that the path was not changed, but wine couldn't see it. That's what I don't understand.

    Once the 'offline' drive was disconnected again, wine went back to normal.

    When I connect it again, Ill check if there are changes in the sda/sdb/sdc.

    My wine drives are all ext3.

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