I'm trying to install ms office 2007 on PCLinuxOS.
I followed all these steps:

1. Install Wine
2. Select Applications>Wine>Configure Wine to bring the Wine Configuration dialog box.
3. Select Windows Version as Windows Vista from the Applications Tab
4. Override two dll files rpcrt4.dll and msxml3.dll from Libraries tab. Override them to be Native (Windows)
5. Download rpcrt4.dll file. Click here and save it on your desktop.
6. Open the c_drive from Wine menu
7. Delete rpcrt4.dll and msxml3.dll files from Windows/System32 directory.
8. Copy the downloaded rpcrt4.dll file into Windows/System32 directory
9. Download msxml3.msi file from Microsoft download site (here is the direct link for your convenience).
10. Install msxml3.msi file from the Terminal window by issuing msiexec /i msxml3.msi
11. Double click on setup.exe file from your MS Office 2007 installation CD. If it doesn’t work just type wine setup.exe from the Terminal window.
12. Follow the normal installation procedures.

But when I'm running the setup as indicated in the last step, there is always an error during the installation.

I get no specific error information. Only a window that says something about an unexpected error and that I have to report this to wine.

Does anyone know how to solve this?