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    Smile microsoft word and internet explorer with wine

    i have wine installed downloaded internet exp. and try two open it with wine an it gives me an error. saying unable to find a volume file for extraction and please verify u have the proper permissions. same problem with word

    dell mini 10v
    linux mint 7

    Can somebody tell me how to fix this step by step

    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Njasmine View Post
    i have wine installed downloaded internet exp. and try two open it with wine an it gives me an error. saying unable to find a volume file for extraction and please verify u have the proper permissions. same problem with word
    I suggest you don't use IE and stick with a Linux web browser instead ... Firefox will do the job & incase you need to pretend you have IE for websites Konqueror will do that as well. Use OpenOffice Writer instead of Word ...

    I did get Word and several other Office applications to run using crossover office a few years ago ... but would not use it anymore.

    For Windows apps you really need (IE and Word don't make it into that category for me) then either run Windows in a VM like VirtualBox or setup dual boot.

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    I use IEs4linux to install IE 6(7 is available in his beta, but is practically useless in regards to testing web pages).

    As for Word, I can't imagine why you would need Word specifically. I saw some tutorials for installing Word on linux though, if you don't mind googling a bit.
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    Hi Njasmine

    Before I jump into some extra detail, I just wanted to let you know why you didn't get a step by step guide for what you want to do: No good one that I've seen exists for your exact situation. That does not mean there isn't a solution though, you just have to do things a bit differently.

    1.) Internet Explorer
    schwim has a good point for IE under wine: IEs4linux. IE can be very finicky and as I understand it the older versions can run very well, but newer ones do not. I have used IE6 under wine and cxoffice for checking web development and IE7 should for sure be installable under cxoffice (which means it is certainly possible under wine but may be a pain.) Checking the winehq it looks like IE8 is installable (probably with a lot of tweaking), but still seems like it might be sort of unusable.

    2.) Microsoft Office
    I understand the need of having microsoft office products around (I know a lot of people don't want to hear that), and in fact I think that MS office 2007 was a big step up. MS Office 2007 works in 95% of its "glory?" under the current cxoffice. It is very usable (as I can attest to), and hopefully will improve with the upcoming cxoffice releases (due out this month I think). I have heard that you can install it under regular wine, but I have not given that a try.

    I know that a cxoffice subscription is not what you want to buy since you are running a free os (linux), but if you need MS Office to work reliably you probably should look into it. The upside about having to pay for a cxoffice subscription besides getting your apps running is that the people over at codeweavers do contribute back to the wine community and it seems, to an uninvolved person like me, that they are a significant driving force for improvement of individual windows application performance under wine.

    3.) For further reference:
    Before you try to install something under wine, check winehq
    WineHQ - Wine Application Database

    If you are considering CXOffice, take a look here
    Windows Applications Seamlessly Integrated on your Linux desktop - CrossOver Linux - CodeWeavers

    4.) Dual booting option
    Finally, I would like to say that although I use wine and cxoffice, Jonathan183 was certainly on to something. I know that when I really need something to run like it would under windows, I just boot into windows instead of messing around endlessly. Setting up dual boot is relatively easy.

    Good luck!
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