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    I installed wine 1.01 (stable version) and I downloaded Steam, which works MUCH better than last time I tried a year ago or so. I downloaded and installed Counter-Strike:Source and Audiosurf. Audiosurf opens up just fine, but it crashed, but I think it was cuz I was doing a bunch of other stuff, no big deal there. More importantly, CS:S only sorta starts up. It messes up my resolution like crazy for one, and for two, when it "starts up" I just get a black screen with my mouse on it. If I move the mouse around tho, I can hear the sounds from hovering over the menu buttons. Doesn't make sense to me. Is there something I can do? Here's my system info, just in case:

    AMD Athlon 64 - 2.2GHz
    2GB RAM
    ATI Radeon x800GTO - 256MB
    Running Ubuntu 9.10, along with compiz and emerald (I heard these can mess with things)

    Thanks in advance, since I get zero help from ubuntuforums.

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    I think compiz can cause problems too. Disable it and try again
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    Alright. Ill give that a shot and get back to ya on that. Thanks.

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    You should always head to wine website first.
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    I did check there first. It said that it should run fine, but I will try this all again when my computer is back up and running. Unfortunately, it took a crap on me. Keeps shutting off. Probably the power supply, but I planned on rebuilding this christmas anyways. So I guess the timing was a lil off, but oh well, still got my lappy. lol Anywho, when I do rebuild it and get up and running again, I will try disabling compiz and all that jazz and get back to ya.

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    1.0.1 is pretty old, you should try the latest 1.1.34 and download winetricks and install directx9, vcrun2008, vcrun2005, vcrun2003, vcrun6, corefonts, and tahoma via winetricks.

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