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    I program in, is it compatible in linux?


    My question is basically the same as my subject. I code in often, and I'd need to be able to do the same in linux. The main reason for me wanting to switch to linux is the virus protection. I work in offensive internet security and I'd like to slow down the massive influx of windows based viruses - this will free up a lot of my time to work on my projects.


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    There is no Virus Protection in Default linux. Just a better thought of user/admin system.

    It might run on mono.. but I'd advice to learn a different language for Linux. eg Perl or C
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloItsMe View Post
    I code in often, and I'd need to be able to do the same in linux.
    There are two major projects that seek to bring Microsoft's .NET world to Linux:
    Mono and DotGNU.

    Mono seems to be gaining a little better traction. On Fedora, this command shows 24 packages in the repository for immediate installation, most of which are mono-related. Simlar searches for dotgnu and pnet bring up nothing.
    yum search mono | grep '\Wmono\W'
    Mono has a page on VisualBasic.NET support.

    If you are doing development for a limited number of Windows machines that you have some control over, it would be much better to install the Cygwin environment on all of them and use Bash scripts for scripting and C/C++ for other development. The bash scripts run directly on both platforms. And Cygwin allows you to compile many Linux programs directly with no changes to produce Windows executables (which require Cygwin to be installed to run).

    And there are other choices: Java, Python, Perl, Php, Scheme, Tcl/Tk, ...

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