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    Please Help Me With Rosetta Stone

    I am an absolute new user to Linux. I am using Ubuntu. I downloaded Wine from my Synaptic Package manager. My understanding is that Wine is supposed to start as soon as a Windows program begins. I put in the installation CD and the CD-ROM drive window pops up, and it says there is nothing in the file. Am I doing something wrong? Can anybody help me get this program running or is there anyone I could email or instant message? Thanks guys.

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    I'm unable to help with any of the specifics of using/running WINE as I never run it, but it apparently matters very much which version of RS you are trying to run according to the WINEHQ Database:

    WineHQ - Rosetta Stone

    Some versions seem to work well while others are reported as "garbage".

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    I have the Italian CD and the website you provided said it should work. I can't get it to boot up and install. All I get is a lot of noise in the disk drive then nothing.

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    Added more info

    Have you tried installing from the command line? Insert the CD, allow it to mount and the open a terminal window and try changing to the CD directory.
    cd /media/cdrom
    If this works, then try listing the directory contents with this command.
    Look for something like install.exe or setup.exe and then use a command like
    sudo wine install.exe
    sudo wine setup.exe
    You may need to fiddle with the settings in wine, to get things working right.
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    WINE may work, but it may not.

    An install of Windows in an emulator such as kvm will work much better and easier.

    If you really want to do WINE check the WINE app database and see if any one has done a succesful install and what they did to get it to work.

    Again the simplest is use an emulator such as kvm,vmware (server is free), virtual box vitual bridges...

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