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    Question want to run server-client application on linux!!!!

    Hi eveyone,

    I want to run the client/sever application on linux ( centos 5.4). The client/server codes are written in c# using Visual 2010.Will the wine easily run exe files on linux?


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    Wine is a method to run some -not all- windows applications on linux.
    In various degrees of usefullness.
    Application means usual win32 binaries here, not C# apps.

    For C#, Main Page - Mono would be a more appropiate way.
    But note, that not all parts of a .net environment have been implemented yet or cannot be.

    I am not a dev, but if you aim for cross-platform compatibility, then java may be a better choice.
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    ok . No i can't switch from C# to java right now!! so i try mono.

    thanks alot!

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    In my opinion Java is cooler than C#, but ur choice of course.

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    If you HAVE to run C# executables on Linux, then run them on Windows in a virtual machine. As far as I'm concerned, C# and all that ilk are a nightmare! Unfortunately, all too many people bought into Microsoft's propaganda about it. Like Java, they REALLY aren't multi-platform, they aren't portable, they don't deal with updateitis very well, and when Windows updates, so does .NET and you are back to rebuilding and retesting everyting. For my $$ they are (especially C# and Java) just C++ with training wheels.

    Rant over...

    You can try Mono, but since you used Visual Studio .NET 2010 to develop this code, I think you are going to run into a brick wall pretty quickly there, unless you spent an inordinate amount of effort to make your code backward compatible with .NET 1.x and 2.x as well as 3.x (lowest common denominator). However, I think that is not likely, is it?

    That brings me to the question - why do you need to run this stuff on Linux?
    Sometimes, real fast is almost as good as real time.
    Just remember, Semper Gumbi - always be flexible!

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