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    Wine won't work for me

    I currently have a laptop and I am trying to make wine start some windows apps .

    But I can't start them , even the ones which should !

    When I try Outlook express , tells me that a .dll is missing ( Windows never does ) , Thunderbird doesn't start at all and I have an audio USB acquisition app , Algorithmix , window open but tells me that a wrong user registration number was entered and that I can't use the app like that .

    I use Mandrakelinux 10.0 , kernel I don't know the version ( where to check it ??!!! ) and my Windows is XP home french in NTFS mode . All my prog files are on C:/Program Files/.....

    I can browse the whole disc with Konqueror , ok... but for the rest...nothing !!!
    The Wine site didn't helped me much .

    Tried the last wine version but didn't work either .

    I de-installed the package . Problem is the wine.conf and surrounding files stayed , so have I to delete them before doing a new fresh install of wine ? And how to get things work with NTFS ?

    Please help !!! Someone ...

    Which wine version use and how to edit wine.conf to make things work ?

    Regards ,

    Anael - New to Linux but it is really a wonderfull OS !!!

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    Just so you know wine doesn't run everything windows app. I'm not sure as to it's compatibilty with these but there are a few things you should know.

    First off Thunderbird has a native linux port, you really should use it rather then trying to emulate the windows version of it.

    AS for the other Algorithmix I have a feeling that just won't work in Wine at all. Outlook express might be possible to get to work but honestly why not just use linux based e-mail clients. Why do you want thunderbird and Outlook anyways?

    As for NTFS, NTFS support in linux isn't great yet. It's possible to read NTFS drives but writting to it is not recommened and by default when you mount an ntfs drive it won't be possible. Writing to an NTFS drive from linux is something for an advanced (very advanced user to try) you have a very good chance of breaking the entire ntfs partition when you doing it.

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    Ok but how to read my Thunderbird Windows mail from the Linux Thunderbird ? Or how to transfer them ?

    Idem for Outlook express ???

    Thanks !

    For Algorithmix-I haven't thaught about the write in ntfs - would it be possible to install it Algorithmix on a fat32 part that linux could exploit with wine to write data -1Go would be sufficent for my .wav !!!



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    Sure it's possible to put the app onto a fat32 partition. Although I think the chances of you getting wine to emulate the program successfully are fairly slim. You're most likely going to have to find a linux based app to do that sort of work in linux. Even if wine does do it. It will be much slower.

    As for getting your e-mails. I assume you could just copy the folders over and it would be using the same format. Or if you want to be abel to check from both computers then simply setup your e-mail program to leave the messages on the server. That way they won't be deleted unless you actually delete them and then they can be checked from anywheres.

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    If you want to know the version of linux you are using, type "uname -a" on a terminal. If you want to know the detailed columns for uname, type man uname on a terminal too.

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