I have wine-1.0.1 under Debian GNU/Linux 5.0. I've built in Windows UpdateResource.exe from the following code:

// 1st parameter on the command line is file name to modify resource in
// 2nd - new resource value
#include <Windows.h>
int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
HANDLE hResource = BeginUpdateResource(argv[1], FALSE);
BOOL success = FALSE;
if (UpdateResource(hResource,
lstrlen(argv[2]) * sizeof TCHAR))
success = EndUpdateResource(hResource, FALSE);
_tprintf(success ? TEXT("success\n") : TEXT("failure\n"));
return 0;
I put UpdateResource.exe and another Windows program hello.exe under .wine/drive_c and created there a batch file test.bat containing one command:
UpdateResource.exe hello.exe whatever > out.txt

After I run
wineconsole --backend=curses test.bat
out.txt shows "success", which means that all involved UpdateResource functions succeeded. However, hello.exe (including its timestamp) remains unchanged.
Under native Windows this works as expected.
Is this API not implemented, or am I missing something?

Thanks a lot.