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    EA Rugby08 runs too fast

    I'm trying to run EA sports' Rugby08.exe, but it runs too fast.
    Initial movie runs at (x 4? x5? x10?) speed, with no audio.
    The game also has no audio and runs at (x10?) speed. It's funny, actually, as it looks like a Benny Hill show about rugby, but it is totally unplayable.

    I tried to fix the CPU clock prior to starting the program, but that doesn't help.

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance

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    I checked at WineHQ and Cedega Gaming Service and neither one of them
    list this game in any of their databases.
    That pretty much rules out any chance of this game running within Linux.

    I did some other research on this game.
    From what I have read the game uses a special physics engine to plot and display pixel locations through DirectX 9.

    That still shouldn't be a problem for wine.
    I believe the problem lies in the fact that the game does not properly detect a multi-core cpu when installed in wine and therefore does not throttle back its rendering speed to compensate for the multi-core cpu.

    It almost sounds like each core is executing the code and streaming it independently down the video bus.

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