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    Unhappy Starcraft 2 graphic problem

    I'm having problems getting SC2 to work with wine. It runs but the graphics are all messed up. In the included wine terminal output I have a bunch of "fixme" things and stuff saying that directdraw isn't working properly. How on earth do I fix this.

    I started this thread because I thought that it was a hardware error but seeing this output it seems to be wine related. I have included a link at the bottom with a picture of what I'm looking at on my end after the stream of fixmes. I followed this guide in setting up wine for SC2. So I done have the regedit stuff in there and disabled mmdevapi in the libraries. I have tried running it 7, xp, and vista (the os sc2 works in). ](*,)

    Well I have a pic but this site is lame and is blocking links because it is cool like that

    I also have terminal output that your forum is blocking as a url...

    plz help

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    I just realized I didn't include my distro: ubuntu 10.10. My card is a radeon 3870 and has flgrx or w/e driver installed (i think i did it right).

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    Sorry for the delay in a reply.

    Take a look here;

    WineHQ - StarCraft II Retail

    Using Ubuntu 10.10 and wine version 1.3.10 or higher is getting gold and platinum ratings.

    Read the posts and notes about the dll's and patches you may need.
    Once you do that you should have a very well running game.

    Your video card should not be an issue but you did not mention how much Ram or what the cpu is.

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