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    StarCraft II on Ubuntu

    I have a laptop with Intel integrated graphics (x3100 I believe) and StarCraft II gets almost tolerable frame rate in Vista. I happen to have an Ubuntu partition on my computer, and I've read that games can sometimes run better in Linux than in Windows so I thought I would try StarCraft II in Ubuntu. Is it even possible the game will run better in Ubuntu? When I try to run in Wine I get some "fixme" messages from Wine about internet connection timeout, and then StarCraft gives me an error popup and then crashes.

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    First off: welcome to the forum and let me applaud you that you've installed ubuntu on the laptop as well

    As to the actual question: In my experience, you can get games to work via wine, but they are normally slower. This is due to the fact that the games do not run in their "native environment" and wine/kernel needs to perform some extra magic in order to get it to work. This translates directly into a performance pentalty. More work == longer delays.

    Furthermore, Starcraft II is a very recent game, probably using DirectX 11 or some such, and I've never been able to get that to work properly. So, I wouldn't get my hopes up too high about playing SC2 on ubuntu - and especially not any faster.

    But, what I don't understand is why the network is failing. Because that has never been any trouble (in my experience at least) in the past.

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    Take a look here;

    WineHQ - StarCraft II Retail

    Using Ubuntu 10.10 and wine version 1.3.10 or higher is getting gold and platinum ratings.

    Read the posts and notes about the dll's and patches you may need.
    Once you do that you should have a very well running game.

    While it is true that some games run better on Linux in wine it is not always the case.
    Some do and some run too slow or have other issues.
    By researching the games at WineHQ you will get a better idea of how the game works in wine and what you will need to do to get it running.

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