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    I have had my own backup headaches of late, so I feel your pain. Better to have and not need, than need and not have though. Unless there's some VERY good reason to keep them encrypted, though, if it were me, I would just wholesale decrypt them, and copy them to an extra drive. (A portable USB 250 GB disk can be had now for the price of a really nice lunch, or dinner for two, so unless you are flat broke...) and problem's solved...

    As for the Vine Is Not an Emulator, (it's a creeping kind of plant), I'm glad you liked it. I was chuckling while I wrote most of it, though I admit I first thought of that point, and BINE and CINE, etc. many moons ago, and just never had an excuse until today to make that point.

    Anyway, best of luck with whichever path you select.

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    without any 'wine or cognac'.

    You may try to see whether VariCAD will work on your linux distro by downloading from the net the VariCAD Viewer (which is free).
    So the viewer is free but the actual program isn't??
    I really don't want to pay for anything, since I'm using Linux obviously, and would rather not pay for anything, ever, again.

    But anyway, I didn't pay for the AutoCAD either, but that's aside the point!

    And I really just hate to have to learn a WHOLE NEW software, since I've had YEARS of experience with AutoCAD. Yeh, learning more stuff is cool, but not when I have some drawings that need to be done QUICK and in GOOD shape


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    scbs29, there are no stupid questions... well, okay, maybe ocasionally... but no, yours wasn't, Linux has gotten to the point where it's kind of a world to itself, like the 'net, and there is so much info out there that it can be daunting, even if you know what you're looking for. Wine is it's own little moon around that world, doing the important work of letting your run those annoyingly OS-specific (read "non-portable") apps under other OS'es. But when emulating something as bloated and convoluted as Misro$oft WinDOS, it's going to pick up a certain amount of convolusion of its own... no doubt. I am not sure about the technique, but I'll take your word for it if you say you got it to work.

    I remember my first taste of wine... (hahah) which was trying to get Diablo II to install under it, and the elation I felt when the menu came up, that alone felt like a triumph, and then getting sound to work for which I ended up installing every sound plug-in I could think of, (I think it was Alsa that eventually worked...) but I don't play (or even have) that game anymore, and I doubt, sorry to say, that Wine will run Diablo III (if and when it ever comes out!) without a lot more fuss, if at all.

    Of course, it would be GREAT if Blizzard would just release a Linux version. Wouldn't that be a kick?!?

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    I really don't want to pay for anything, since I'm using Linux obviously, and would rather not pay for anything, ever, again.
    I suppose that *MIGHT* be why there aren't more commercial software packages for Linux, (like games, specifically, I mean the new fancy ones, of which there are only a few for Lin) the Linux community is often seen as a bunch of cheapskates, freeloaders, or worse...

    Of course, I can't blame you, I hate paying for things I can get for free too!

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    RE: 'It will definitely be something worth trying.'

    You do not have the slightest idea of what running windows files under WINE through the linux file system could mean.

    Of the Top-Five-Net-Virus collection (Klez, MyDoom, Sobig, SCO, and SomeTool) only MyDoom could not be run under WINE (actually this is a matter of time).

    It is true that they cannot infect your linux system, as even more true is that your OS will be turned into a host of windows viruses with-no-problems.
    In the meantime the 'virus developers' are working on expanding the functionality.

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    I remember hearing about that the first time it was determined to have happened... a simultaneous mark of pride and shame for the Wine developers that they had so replicated the Misro$oft WinDOS environment that it was capbable of running WinMalWare. I see this as another argument for finding Linux native replacements for WinDOS applications, and avoid Wine altogether. Even as sandboxed as it's supposed to be in Linux, it's like saying, "well, we'll bring that giant horse statue our enemies were kind enough to give us into the city, but we'll leave it just inside the gate for safety." Not necessarily a good idea.

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    FWIW I am running Win 7 with Ubuntu 11.04 inside the free VMWare Player. I am able to easily and quickly switch from one to the other because both are visible on the monitor at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by user-f11 View Post
    Everything depends on your interpretation of WINE. Usually there is a discrepancy between what you think it is and what it actually is.

    1. WINE has nothing to do with the Windows partition on your hard-disk.
    2. WINE is not Windows (TM) emulator, let alone Windows XP or 7, et. al.
    3. WINE is actually Windows compatibility layer for UNIX like systems (in this case Linux).

    WINE is designed for people who are not able to change (their habits), to learn something new, and to accept different approach in software engineering.

    ... and the bad news is that if you install Licensed Software under WINE, your status as OpenSource user is disputable.
    Ouch! My "status as OpenSource user is disputable" also. LOL!

    If only they made John Deere Farmer game for Linux, I wouldn't mess with Wine.

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    Nope, you cant do that. BTW what's the point? To save disk space?... which'll be at best 6GB... which I think costs less than a $ now a days.

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    there really isn't a way to just transfer that program, if you come up with a copy of autoCAD then I believe you'd want to load wine and playonlinux, I'm almost cretin that playonlinux supports autoCAD if you don't want to go that route then there's always cedaga which cost $$$$$ .

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