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    Wine...randomly stopped working

    so...I put newest release of wine on my Mandrake 10.1 the other day,and it worked fine, which from what i understand is strange....
    I had winamp, winzip,and winrar working on it fine.

    I ended that session, and turned my computer off...and when i booted up and loaded upmy install files for Photoshop I noticed that the .exe would not work. It even had the wine icon over it. I checked in the taskbar menuand its not listed there anymore. The wine. directory is still there,aswith all the windows emulation files and the test programs i loaded the other day. Has anybody had this problem before?

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    just cos it's not in your menu doesn't mean it's not there:
    wine program.exe
    from a terminal should do the trick

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    No, sorry.

    Thanks for the suggestion, but it still doesnt work. When i put it into the terminal it comes up saying that WINE cannot find the specified program.

    I am new to linux, so i dont really know the ropes yet, but when i have wanted to run other programs i simply type the name of the program, and it works. Do i have to be in the .wine directory for wine to open the specified program?

    Not only willit not run my test programs but it will also not run the Adobe Photoshop installation files that i need (the whole reason i use wine)...Does codeweavers work better than wine?

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    you're right for native linux programs, but wine works with windows programs, so yes, you do need to be in the directory with the .exe file.

    Codeweaver's CrossoverOffice is based on Wine, and it's designed with apps like the ones you're reffering to mind, but remember it's a comercial product, not opensource like Wine is. Cedega is another spin-off of Wine, with a focus on DirectX gaming, but it too is commercial.
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    I know you're new to Linux, so I'll let you in on what everyone else here knows. Xmms is very similar to winamp and can even use the same skins. It will perform much better for you in Linux than Winamp under Wine. From the command line:

    xmms [enter]

    It may be in your Mandrake menu as Xmms or just "mp3 player" I can't remember...

    If by chance you didn't install it, as root go:

    urpmi xmms [enter]

    Wine usually installs all Windows apps to:

    .wine/fake_windows/Program\ Files/

    Sometimes you can go:

    wine .wine/fake_windows/Program\ Files/photoshop.exe

    or whatever it is for photoshop, and that will work. Sometimes you have to "cd" to the directory where the executable is first.
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