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    Wine Live: A Security Sandbox For Inventors and Artists

    I've began my adventure with Wine about two weeks ago. I've realized the security implications of a Live environment. What implications?

    - a read only disk doesn't catch viruses (hard drives do)
    - Live easily allows encryping AES in ram before writing to a disk (TrueCrypt)
    - Most journaling systems will leave traces of your work! A live system's ram can be wiped really fast and clean.

    Artists, engineers and proprietary developers of all kinds can benefit from such a inexpensive security environment! It doesn't seem to be a very popular discussion and is not well documented on the web (I've found nothing actually), which means I think people haven't fully realized and appreciated the benefit of running Live and the security implications.

    I began customizing a Linux Live DVD with Remastersys. I put all my favorite Linux programs and pimped out my theme just the way I like. I added the drivers for hardware etc, etc. I boot live, I'm set.

    Almost. There is the need for programs which Linux has no equivalent. In walks Wine to save the day. But, not entirely without problems. I need to run Wine Live , per the security reasons above. The Windows programs run with Wine when they are run from the hard drive. But, when I create a Live DVD of my customized hard drive and boot that, some Wine apps will not run live.

    I've used Ubiquity to install the Live Disk back to a hard drive to make sure no corruption existed during remastering. When the programs are written back, Wine executes them fine from the hard drive again. So, Remastersys is doing it's job fine. I've narrowed it down to the live environment.

    I've two programs now that install and run fine on a hard drive, but not in the Live Remastered DVD of the said hard drive.

    - Manga Studio Debut 4
    - Maxon CINEMA 4D

    Here is where things get interesting. They do run live, if I run them as superuser. Oops. Wine FAQ says never to do that. And I understand this is a security issue, releasing the root beast within. But at this point, they only run as root.

    Can anyone help me figure this out? To make them work in non-root mode.

    Error Info In General:

    MS Debut quits when running live as non-root, but as root it asks me to adjust virtual memory, then runs fine live.

    Maxon gives me this error running Live: "Failed to open, find, or create Sandbox directory". But, if I copy the portable app to my desktop and run it as root live, it launches fine.

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    Some of the issues wrt. needing to run Wine Live as root may be the read-only nature of the drive. You might want to create a ram-disk and copy/run the Wine components from there as non-root, but with read/write permissions on all the files and directories therein.
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