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    sound quits randomly in portal on wine

    I recently downloaded portal through steam (which I plan on installing the stand-alone later since steam only works with the net. *cough* *cough* spyware *cough*)

    Now when I play portal (both 1 & 2) after a while the sound will just randomly quit. I've tried the -snd_openal option suggested here: WineHQ Forums View topic - Portal sound doesn't work and it only worked temporarily.

    It seems to work after I reboot the machine, and everything under wine seems to be able to make sound except for portal.

    I'm using wine version 1.3 with an Intel Corporation 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) AC'97 Audio Controller, on Ubuntu version 10.04, and steam version 12.
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    I have no idea about steam/portal, but whenever i have audio problems in Wine, i consider two things: checking if wine is up to date, and checking if the kernel is up to date. The current stable version of wine is 1.4. You'd need to build it from scratch - not too daunting, i've done it several times. Perhaps you've already updated the kernel, but if you're on stock 10.04 Ubuntu...well, that kernel's pretty old. To get a recent kernel (current is 3.3.4, as of this writing), you'd have to rebuild it from scratch - google an Ubuntu kernel recompiling guide. You could also consider updating the Alsa packages (sound drivers and utils), if Ubuntu has any in their repos, or rebuilding those from source, too.

    I can tell you that the first thing the Wine folks say, when you've got probs, is to update to the latest version of Wine first, so i'd start there.

    Before you do any of that, though, have you checked dmesg or the syslog (/var/log/messages, maybe) yet? There may be specific hardware or software clues there.

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    I've gotten it to work, apparently I just need to upgrade to wine 1.5, and ubuntu 12.04 (I'm not sure if 12.04 is necessary, as I haven't tested it out with just wine 1.5).

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