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    Can I run Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 In Linux?

    For my Intro to Programming Class, I am learning to use Visual Studio 2005. I was wondering if I could use this in Linux using WINE. That way, if I wanna ever program, or just use this software outside of school, I can have it on my computer. I would like to use it in Linux, because it's my main OS, and will save me from restarting my computer to get to Windows.

    Will programs like this run in WINE, and is there similar software like this that can run in Linux?

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    Yes there are very good alternatives for linux, such as Eclipse, Netbeans, Anjuta, KDevelop, Kate and monodevelop.

    You can use Netbeans for allot of languages, such as Java, C/C++, PHP etc.. You can choose for automatically generated Makefiles, or use your own. For C# there is the mono (monodevelop) project.

    For Java projects I recommend eclipse. Another very, very nice editor (its not an IDE, you will need to create your own Makefiles) is Kate.

    I would say that you just try a few.. I have no experience in running VS in wine you should just try that out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bietje View Post
    I would say that you just try a few.. I have no experience in running VS in wine you should just try that out.
    I wholeheartedly agree. I tried several IDE's for Linux - settling on Eclipse for PHP, but I've used KDevelop quite a bit for C++. Running Visual Studio (which I use extensively at work) doesn't really make sense in Linux. It's designed to build Windwos applications, so whatever you build wouldn't really work natively where you're developing them.

    The other way around, though, (that is, if you built a project using makefiles and a text editor or Linux IDE) you could probably get them to compile on Windwos too with minimal tweaks.
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    By the way, just thinking of it: if you really want to run VS while also running linux you could consider to run WinXP in virtualbox or something of course. But I would only recommend that if you have 4GiB+ and a multicore CPU. It can be done with less, but then switching between vbox and linux will have quite some overhead, because linux has to page/swap lots of memory.

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