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    Wine on chromebook with ubuntu

    I'm considering buying a chromebook and installing ubuntu via crouton. But, if possible, I'd like it to run Wine and some Windows apps. Can Samsung series 3 (ARM-based) chromebook run Wine? If not, is it possible on the other (Intel-based) ones?
    Thanks in advance!

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    hello and welcome, Peet!

    by default, you can't install software packages on Chrome OS (which is what comes on Chromebooks - a Google spun closed-source Linux derivative), that is juts how it works. if you put your own Linux distro on it though, then yeah, you have free reign over what you install, and WINE is definitely in the Ubuntu repos. I've never heard of Crouton before though.

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    But I've read that ARM chromebooks can't run most closed-source apps. Is Wine open-source?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peet79 View Post
    But I've read that ARM chromebooks can't run most closed-source apps. Is Wine open-source?
    Chromebooks in general cannot run apps whether open or closed, unless they are webapps (which essentially means using dynamic HTML5/Java/Javascript/AJAX type webpages that give the appearance of running an app - like GoogleDocs). See here for more on Chrome OS.

    To answer your question, yes, WINE is open source, but as I suggested, I think you are misunderstanding the problem. You'll need a true Linux install (complete with a userland that allows users to freely interact with the kernel - a.k.a. GNU + Desktop Manager), like the aforementioned Ubuntu, in order to install WINE and other apps. Can you provide a link to what you've read that is confusing you? To get around the forum rule about not posing links until your 15th post, substitute hxxp for http.

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