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    Is Wine vulnarable for Linux OS


    I red that Wine is not recommended for Linux OS is that true? does it againsted security issue?

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Not so much security, it is more an additonal layer of complexity.

    imho: If you need a windows specific software, then run a vm.
    a) There wont be compatibility issues
    b) Todays laptops and PCs have enough resources for running vms
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    Thanks for replay. i will use VM for MS soft.

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    Windows viruses and such can't run on Linux under normal circumstances, but they can run under WINE. They won't likely harm your Linux machine beyond possibly messing with your virtual drive your game is installed in, but they may be able to access and infect other Windows machines on the same network.

    A Windows VM Naturally has a similar vulnerability, as it is a windows machine. In either scenario the security risks are fairly similar. The key difference is that WINE is free with some compatibility issues and a Windows VM still requires a copy of Windows whether purchased or pirated.

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