Okay, I am doing something you might find a bit odd.

I have computer I am using as a server with Ubuntu Server installed. I am using an Intel Compute Stick (model: STCK1A8LFC) as the client to access it via ssh -X for running applications as the server is a much more powerful machine, and the compute stick a much more portable one. I've more or less fasioned the compute stick into a portable handheld gaming system.

I want to install games to play on my server through WINE and I am having some difficulty. I am accustomed to installing Windows applications with WINE via PlayOnLinux, but over ssh -X I am finding some issues.

I know that with X forwarding that the program used the CPU and RAM of the server, but forwards X to be processed on the Client's GPU. This is causing a few issues. The PlayOnLinux GUI doesn't register or display folders. I believe this is likely because it is trying to have the GPU check the file system to see what it needs to draw icons for, and it naturally can't do that because what it is looking for is on a completely different machine.

I also tried to install a file manager (Nautilus) and had a similar issue regarding the system's disc drive not showing up, or at least it didn't show up unless opened from another application.

Is there a work around for this? Or am I just going to have to do all of my WINE configurations from CLI without PlayOnLinux or the file server?

Anyone else here ever tried doing anything with WINE over ssh -X?

Also, yes, I am aware that the compute Stick's intel HD graphics is going to bottleneck the game playing potential, but it is about the best I could find on a client machine this small. That and I am not trying to put anything ridiculously demanding on it.

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this not sure if this is more a WINE question or an ssh -X question, or where I would post a specific ssh -X question.