Program claims DirectX 8 is missing.
I'm trying to run City of Heroes: Homecoming via PlayOnLinux. POL doesn't have any presets for this game, but I installed it manually via instructions that some people on Reddit said worked for all of them - 32bit Wine 3.0, emulating winXP, and installing dotnet35 and dinput.
First I had to install a launcher called Tequila.exe. After a good deal of trial and error I got that working correctly, downloaded the actual game files and tried to launch the game via Tequila.
The response was
Program Error: City of Heroes requires DirectX 8 or newer.  Update your version of DirectX by browsing to
followed by a second box
Fatal Error: DirectInput failed to start up (missing keyboard or mouse)
and crash.
The thing is, I've read that Wine 3.0 does support DirectX 8 and newer - in fact, it supports DirectX 11. So why all this? I hope this isn't a stupid question, I haven't used Wine all that much and don't understand all the theory.
Thanks in advance,