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Thread: gyach problems

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    gyach problems

    hello everybody,
    this is rakesh.
    I use yahoo messenger on linux but it doesnt have the option of chatting and going
    to the chatrooms that yahoo isproviding.
    I cam to know fromsomewhere that GYACH is a good software that enables yahoo
    chatting so i i installed it.
    But now,the installation is over and i'm getting the loggin prompt of gyach.
    i give in the username and password of yahoo and in server the default option is andthen when i try logging in then everytime itshows teh same message
    wot shud i do bout it.
    does any of the wineutilites serve this purpose
    thanx a lot in advance
    waiting for rep;ies

  2. #2 allows you to connect to yahoo chat rooms......
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    thanx for ur responce,
    I also have a gaim in mysystem too which is also nonfunctional.
    it prompts for a username and password but wheni give it thats it.
    Nothing more happens and the screen goesstandstill.
    id like to know one thing,the username and the password that the
    gaim is prompting,do i have to use a new username andpassword for
    gaim or that for yahoo or msn is enough.
    thanx again for ur responce,
    waiting for ur reply

  4. $spacer_open
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    no, you should just use your normal yahoo or msn password...

    what version of gaim are you using? I know on some of the older releases, yahoo didn't work correctly
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    thanx for ur reply.
    The GAIM that i use prompts for screenname and password for which i type in the
    yahoo username and password and int he protocol section i put in the 'yahoo'.
    Then when i login i get the message UNABLE TO READ.
    and that s it
    And the version of game is GAIM-0.74
    thanx again.
    waiting for ur reply

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    try installing the newest version of gaim. That is very old
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    i downloaded gaiim 1.1.2 but when i typed the rpm command the package ddnot install
    giving me some error
    " error: Failed dependencies: is needed by gaim-1.1.2-0rh9 "
    wot is the error.
    and also how shud i uninstall the old version.

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    nope, you can keep the old version. Looks like you need this then
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    thanx a lot for url that u had sent.
    Though after that rpm had installed ,the gaim1.1.2 did install properly but that made
    no change.
    Now i have one more option in my /usr/local/bin after i installed new gaim
    i.e gaim-remote and when i start that command i get the message

    root@localhost bin]# gaim-remote
    Usage: gaim-remote command [OPTIONS] [URI]

    uri Handle AIM: URI
    quit Close running copy of Gaim

    -h, --help [commmand] Show help for command
    and when i type gaim, the same old version i.e gaim0.7.4 opens and i get the same old
    problem i.e wotever i type iget the essage ,rakesh is disconnected
    waiting for ur reply
    thanx again for ur replies

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    what did the new gaim install say this time?
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