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Thread: Wine Download

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    Wine Download

    Where is the best place to download Wine for Fedora Core 3?

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    the website?

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    Which Architecture do I download:

    i686 wine-20050111-1fc3winehq.i686.rpm
    i386 wine-20050111-1fc3winehq.i386.rpm
    athlon wine-20050111-1fc3winehq.athlon.rpm
    Development package wine-devel-20050111-1fc3winehq.i386.rpm


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    i686 wine-20050111-1fc3winehq.i686.rpm
    i386 wine-20050111-1fc3winehq.i386.rpm

    any of them

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    well it depnds if you want the one optimized for the p4 (i686) or the basic one that installs on all intell architects above 386
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    Actually 686 starts with Pentium Pro, Pentium 2, and Pentium 2 Celeron. Anything newer than that will run i686 code.

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    how about AMD cpu? I use 2500+

    I installed wine-20050111-1fc3winehq.athlon.rpm, but windows programs run under wine very slowly, and fonts become very small. Is it normal? Thanks.

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    It's an emulator you know! And for the fonts thing, it's normal, to fix it just donwload windows fonts or something!

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    If you google hard enough you can find cedega/crossover rpm and debian packages on a ftp site I beleive, but I don't know if it's true.
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    whats wine for suse linux 9.1 and how to install any instrucitons plz
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