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Thread: Wine Slow

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    I don't get what you are trying to say

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    Well, to be honest dude, your a bit of a idiot. Everyone on here can understand that. (Well everyone who embraces open source)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dude500
    I don't get what you are trying to say
    I think what CoffeeMonster is trying to say is that when you are using Linux, try to use free programs as much as possible. There are many windows programs where there are great free alternatives. I having a feeling wine is running slow because it is wine (that has been my experience). Is there a particular program you are trying to run??
    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeMonster
    Well, to be honest dude, your a bit of a idiot.
    come on, there is no need for that
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    Yes, there wasnt really, but it's kinda annoying when he does the same on other threads, Dude Im sorry for calling you a idiot, it's just hard to defend windows on linux forums.
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    Don't worry about it, Linux is a great os, but its desktops(gnome,kde) are just slow on a old pc.

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    Gnome isnt too bad, it's kde that isn't old pc friendly, kde can have more bloatware than windows if you install all of it.
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    Try IceWM. I dare say there isn't a faster DE. On my box, KDE and Gnome both take a while to get up and running. IceWM is up and going in about a second. I've not found any KDE or Gnome based apps that will not run under IceWM. Also, IceWM is highly and easily configurable.
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    XFCE Looks nicer though , and that takes about the same time to load up.
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    Well I will try to look for some.

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    yeh .. but he is write in many ways the taste windows provide is never been provided in LINUX

    althoug i m trying to switch over linux but it sucks in many ways ..


    i think linux developer should consider these basic things at least that help beginers ..

    i m not criticising linux at all
    :: i dont know even a single word of linux ::

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