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Thread: Wine Slow

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    Hey don't worry, I still have windows, infact im running windows at the moment, Im a avid gamer, so I have to use windows. Ive had alot of bad luck with cedega, I won't go into details.

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    There's need to be a distro of linux that is built for games and gamers, that would probaly be one of the top distros, as long as it had good features along with it

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    There's Game Knoppix I beleive that is optimized for gaming, umm you can make any distro a full featured games machine just as long as you get the nvidia-drivers or ati ones setup, I find the most used distro for gaming is suse, and is the main distro that transgaming uses to test new games.

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    I have suse, but it runs slow on my pc

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    Well every os will if it's got those specs, my old comp was just like that and it ran RedHat just as good as windows.

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    I guess it depends on the distro you are using and the software you are using

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    Dude, with a pentium one. Everything is going to run rather slow.

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    They are always live-CDs

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeMonster
    Well, to be honest dude, your a bit of a idiot. Everyone on here can understand that. (Well everyone who embraces open source)
    well coffe monster have'nt you ever been a idot to i'm still new to linux so i guess i'm a idiot too!! dude 500 take your case off of you sys and write down all specs then google from what i know the hard drive is the slowest part of your computer try to break down and buy a better hard drive this will speed up a lot of things i have a western digital 40 gig on my 466 celeron and i'll tell you what it zipps right along this hard will run @ 100meg ata but my board only runs @ 66meg ata but i still use it for xandros/xp pro and it moves pretty good to download 1 web page it takes 3 seconds on 56k modem and when running xandros i'm impressed even more best advise get a hard drive you will love your sys a lot better!!!!!!!

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