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Thread: Wine Slow

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    Wine Slow

    Why is wine so slow? Is it becuase of my pc?

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    With Wine, it can depend on the program you're trying to run. Some run equally as fast as under Windows and some do not. What are you trying to run?
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    Well its probaly because of my slow pc

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    What are your specs?
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    pentium 1
    4 gb hd
    that's all I know

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    Well it's your computer thats the problem then, thats a pretty nasty hd and cpu you got there.

    With those specs, run a distro like dsl, use fluxbox or xfce, and that should make it a tad bit better.
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    Well I could just go back to windows

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    Nope Windows, is not the awnser, infact linux with it's lightweight desktop enviroments, run twice as fast as windows due to the fact of no bloatware, and I see you have dsl, and that is excellent for a computer like yours, the only reason you should have windows running is these reasons.

    1. You got a specfic type of hardware that can only run on windows (printer, webcam, modem etc)
    2. PC Games.

    You should be fine with the open source software that comes with linux, you've got pretty much everything you need out of the box, and if you havent, just use apt-get/yum/synaptic or in your case yast.
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    Well Wine can't run every windows program out there and besides, it would be easier to use windows, since most programs for made for windows, but I guess Linux would run faster in some cases

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    Don't give up, just think, im using linux, im owning everything M$ stands for.
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