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    :: I HAVE WINE RPM ::

    well let suppose i install it what is all for

    and what support it gives me ... like i think it enables windows program to run ..

    am i able to run WINAMP OVER IT OR PLAY .wma files ..

    sorry .. for this issue ..

    explain it plz
    :: i dont know even a single word of linux ::

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    AFAIK, WINE is basically used to run simple programs for win platforms on linux. Yes you can install Winamp over wine in linux, though I am not sure whether it will work fine or not .., at least didnt work well with me.
    However, if playing .wma files is the only reason you want to install Winamp over wine, then I suggest you should rather go for xmms-wma. Its a separate plugin for xmms to play .wma files, available in both tarballs and RPMs. I seriously recommend this because thats what I use mostly, and my XMMS can now play .wav, .ogg, .mp3, .mp4, .wma. I dont think I'll need anything more for now at least.

    Also, WINE is more rigorously used for porting win games to linux, especially with Winex Cedega project now running full flow.

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    And use xmms on linux!

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    WinAmp works fine on linux, but i do advise you to try xmms, it's winamp-like and pretty decent

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    Quote Originally Posted by privatesniper
    WinAmp works fine on linux, but i do advise you to try xmms, it's winamp-like and pretty decent
    ^OMG Yoda-TUX i love it!

    ..sorry, yeah xmms is pretty cool, looks a lot like winamp
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    lol thx i got the linux penguins from crystal xp site, come in various flavours including darth penguin, spiderman shrek, etc etc, but yoda is mine, do not touch, lol

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