hi i am a first time user of wine and pretty new to linux too. I am having problem while installing AOE2:Conquerors. I did the following things.

1. Got and installed the latest wine version for my distro (fedora 3)
2. got winetools
3. used winetools to setup a fake windows drive (~/.wine/c)
4. used winetools to launch the AOE2:Conq setup from the CD

now the following things happen

1. setups starts normally
2. however after clicking next 2 times it say :"you do not have enough free space on c:"
3. when i click next it displays the file copy progressbar but pops a message box (abot/retry/ignore) saying "could not write to source file c:AOE2...(names of different game files)"

it seems that the setup cannot access my fake c drive. i checked the cofig file in ~/.wine/config file , it has an entry for the the "c " drive as well as an entry for the "d" (cdrom : /media/cdrom) drive.

Is there some special setting required ? I am trying to install the game from my non root ID.
Will i be able to play multiplayer LAN games?
please help.