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Thread: Wine On Windows

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    Wine On Windows

    Could you run wine under windows itself

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    Why should you? It doesn't offer anything more than Windows...
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    wine is a program designed to run on *nix and to make windows applications available to the *nix platform. A Windows port would be pretty useless, but maybe cygwin or something makes it possible.

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    Well you could use wine on a older version of windows and run software that would only run on a newer version of windows

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    From the wine faq:

    2.15. Will there be a Windows version of Wine?

    Some people are working on getting Wine code to compile on Windows using one of the following projects as a basis:

    * Cygwin (
    * MinGW (
    * ReactOS (

    There's some progress, so a Wine version that's usable on Windows might be available at some time in the future.

    Part of the rationale for these projects is to find out areas where Wine portability is lacking. This is especially true of the ReactOS project which is a reimplementation of the Windows kernel and should thus be able to reuse most of Wine dlls.

    Another reason for pursuing these projects is to be able to replace a single Windows dll with its Wine counterpart. Besides being a good test for the Wine dll, this lets us detect cases where we made incorrect assumptions about how the dlls interact.

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