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    Using MS Office w/ wine

    I am a wine newbie and am trying to get Office 2000 to run on wine. I have it installed on a seperate windows partition yet when I try to run WINWORD.exe ( or any other windows program already installed), it says I need to run setup. Do I need to to do this or is there a way I can access Word from my windows partition? Thanks in advance


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    Why not just use

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    Because, unfortunately, my wife likes MS Office and refuses to learn OpenOffice. I like OpenOffice just fine, but she doesn't.

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    Just tell her MS office won't work and she'll have to learn OpenOffice!

    Seriously, if you have to use MSOffice, you'll need to buy Crossover Office (Wine). It runs MS Office and Word better than any other form of Wine I've used...
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    actually, your problem is that your trying to run office with out having actually installed it. If it is on your windows partition, that means you installed office for windows, any registry keys that were added when it was installed on windows are not visable to linux(specifically wine) While i do recommend using crossover office, you'll have much better chances by actually installing office again using wine on linux.

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