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    where are wine's fonts..??

    hi to all.. this is my first time posting in here, so I think it's necessary to give a brief description of my linux distro, coz it's a particular one: it's a 40 mb zipslack 10.0 distribution from slackware-running over a fat32 partition, but all of the time I'm upgrading it -with X, devel apps, etc- so, now it's not 40mb anymore.. but >than 1Gb ! (it's my little frankenstain so, there's a lot of libraries I've installed by myself -and, of course, a lot missing- but I'm makin it very well.. I think so.
    now, straight to the point: I have installed wine, with help of the documentation and links in the, and after doing it a couple of times, I get it working...but without fonts! I mean: I go to the menu list in kde, click over 'wine' folder, select -4ex: 'wine configuration' and there appears the dialog box..without any font!! it seems to work spite of there's no fonts... I have to guess which is the 'cancel' button..
    Same thing with the notepad.exe (I won't write how I get it) ..I run it, it works..without fonts in the menu bar nor drop-down bars.. I can use it, and save changes.. coz I know where should be the 'save as' button..but that's all *hint: the title bar has got the fonts.. the problem is with the menu fonts, dialog-box fonts, etc...
    I anybody can figure what's going on.... I'll appreciate a lot!
    thanks in advance..

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    fonts in wine

    Try installing a true type font.

    I had the same problem when I installed wine
    download arial32.exe from

    then run
    wine arial32.exe

    The file is from the corefonts project on sourceforge.

    It looks like you only need one font to get it going.

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