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    How do you uninstall wine?

    I just installed Linux this weekend and I ordered the Fedora Linux 3.0 Bible but it hasn't arrived yet. Therefore, I still have a basic question. How do you uninstall a program. I installed wine and now I want to uninstall it as I am going to buy CrossOver. How do you uninstall a program that was installed by double clicking on a .rpm



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    If you're going to install CrossOver, you do not neccesarily need to remove WINE; they'll get installed as separate programs. If you still want to remove WINE (for whatever reason) you can, however.

    I don't know how you would go about uninstalling it from the GUI (meaning just clicking something) in Fedora, but you can uninstall an RPM from the command-line (in a terminal window) like this:
    rpm -e packagename
    Note the name of the package (packagename in the example above) is not the actual name of the RPM. You probably installed an rpm named something like wine-102912_03-i386.rpm (this is just an example). The actual package on your machine would be known internally simply as wine, so the internal name is what you use to remove it.

    You will also need to be logged in as root to uninstall RPMs, so before you try the rpm command, type su followed by your root (administrator) password.
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