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Thread: Cedega/wine

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    I wasn't really sure If I could ask cedega oriented questions in here, but I suppose it applies to Wine as well. If I were to install all my win32 games/apps (not that I would need any win32 apps ) on a seperate hard drive, then mount it on linux. Could I use Cedega and/or Wine to simply run the execucutable?
    cedega /mnt/ntfs/Program\ files/Steam/Steam.exe
    wine /mnt/ntfs/Program\ files/Steam/Steam.exe
    Will that work with Games and apps? (Well, theoretcially work)

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    Maybe for some games, but games that are tightly tied into the registry won't work. This is the same for apps, most apps use the registry to store the locations of installed files, etc.

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    That's workable. Basically means you can play all 'warezed' games under cedega. //wine.

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    if u partion ur drive in to 2 drives, lets say one wit 25gigs and running windows and the other 5gigs running linux, u could use the windows partions software in the linux one, thats how you do it with world of warcraft on fedora

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    My personal experience says that unless you're able to install the game using Cedega/Wine, you're probably going to run into problems running it. When Cedega/Wine install things to your Linux machine they create a directory structure and registry entries that are similar to that of a MS Windows installation, allowing *some* Win32 apps to run. For games, you'll probably have your best luck with Cedega, since that's what it's designed for.

    As for Steam, that's been hotly debated back and forth on the forum before. Some say it works fine, some say it won't install. Good luck with that.
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