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    questions configuring Wine

    This might sound silly, so bear with me. Im trying to configure Wine, but dunno where exactly the source code tree directory would be located. I went to and observed this quote from the website.

    wineinstall is a small configuration tool residing as tools/wineinstall in a Wine source code tree. It has been written to allow for an easy and complete compilation/installation of Wine source code for people who don't bother with reading heaps of very valuable and informative documentation

    I can run wine perfectly and have tested Putty successuflly on it (d/led putty for WinXP )

    Would someone care to share some more light on this issue ( would this be in the /bin directory) so I know what Im doing.


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    Likely in /usr/bin. If wanting to run a windows app, just go from the command line...
    wine the_app_you_want_to_run.exe
    ...while in the directory where the .exe resides. Also, you can find all wine installed progs in .wine in your home directory. It's a hidden file, so be sure to turn on, "show hidden files" in your favourite file browser. Wine runs some windows progs perfectly, and others, not at all. Most fall somewhere in between the two. It's fun to experiment to find out though...
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    ok, went to /usr/bin. Found an executable called wincfg however says that the config file should contain the following kinds of sections


    winecfg contains an Applications,libraries,graphics,drives and audio section. The settings described on were completely different to the one I found in winecfg.

    Out of experimenation, I used the Wine file manager (windows explorer browser) to copy winecfg over, to ~/.wine/config (where ~ is the main user directory). I then tried to run winecfg from my main user directory and it wouldnt let me

    where could I be stuffing up


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