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    Can someone explain to me exactly what Wine is?? Haha seriously though, the website doesn't help me. Is it a separate distro that runs alone, or is it dependent on Windows? Please let me know!

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    it's something that helps linux run windows apps. you install the windows programs into a fake windows drive (just a folder inside of linux created when you install wine) and then you can type (while in the programs directory) "wine app.exe" where "app.exe" is the name of the windows program and it'll run.

    this is the part where i'm not sure, but i believe...
    that wine just has many of the necessary things to run windows apps, but it doesn't emulate it. in other words, it doesn't try to take the code from the windows programs and covert them into linux; it adds some necessary things to linux so it can run windows code.

    it doesn't work with everything, but i've gotten it to run warcraft III so far and am very impressed. since it simply adds some things to linux (instead of converts the code to linux) it runs very fast.

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    wine is an windows emulator for Linux, basically it allows you to run windows programs under Linux

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