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    Wing Commander 4 on Wine

    For about a week, I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to get the DOS version of WC4 working on Wine. I have Wine configured and everything, and DCOM98 and all the core fonts installed. I haven't been able to install Windows Installer, but WC4 uses its own installer.

    Anyway, I put CD 1 into the CD player, mount it, enter the mount dir, and do 'wine wc4.exe' (wc4.exe being the installer). I only get as far as a very screwed up selection screen, which won't respond to any attempts at input and fails to show my cursor. The selection screen just stays there and doesn't do anything, so I eventually have to use ctrl-c to terminate Wine. In addition, a ***massive*** chain of errors ("fixme: blah blah blah..." - several different types, each occuring anywhere from half a dozen to several hundred times) appears on the console...

    Now, according to WineHQ's app database, WC4 works on Linux, with no observed errors. What am I doing wrong here?

    (Oh BTW: I know this as DOS game, but I ain't using DOSBox. I don't see the need to emulate another CPU when I can just emulate an operating system.)

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    There is only a few windows games that will work on linux useing wine,What im saying is not every game is going to work,Theres only a few that i no that have worked,Doom 3 and alein vs preditor and a few more.

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    And WineHQ's database of apps that work...?

    (FWIW, I do not have anything near the graphics power required for an FPS like Doom 3. I have a Via ProSavage P4M266 chip that uses 32 megs of shared memory and has almost no OpenGL compatibility, to the extent that I cannot play any OpenGL game other than BZFlag with a small window and minimum settings, even though direct rendering is on and working perfectly... So if I want to play any games, I'm limited to those that do not use OpenGL.)

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