I have a small program called WinWordFind that runs on windows. Basically you key some letters in to a screen and the program produces some matches from a text file.
I have written the following script to call the program


# winword

cd "/home/peter/.wine.0509202245/fake_windows/winword"
wine WinWordFind
exit 0

I have chmod -x so that only need to key ./winword. Works fine!!

I then set an icon on the desktop with the following in the launcher command


When you double click the icon the program runs but the window footprint is about half and there is no text. If you key some letters in and press where you know the search key is, then the program goes through the motions and presents the result but is blank through no text. If you press the button which you know is the exit then it exits properly.

Any suggestions.

Found it I had not run wintools and installed arial fonts