So I'm trying to install age of empires with wine. So I started to follow the documentation at, added the appropriate source to my etc/apt/sources.list and did the ussual apt-get update; apt-get install wine. Everything appeared to go alright. So I continued to the configuration section. Since I used apt to install I skipped the wineinstall section. I ran winecfg and a window poped up with options I could set. Apparently a good sign. I move on to the config file. Here lies the problem. I can't find the sample config file. So I download the source, extract it all without installing, all that good stuff. And go snooping around for the sample config file. But I still can't find it. It's suppose to be in the documentation folder. But all I have are readmes, changelogs, packaging and makelog.old files. I assume I need it to continue with my install so can someone point me in the direction of said sample config file?