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    new to linux but need help with wine and running steam

    I have looked for the past 3 weeks on how to get steam working on linux but still haven't gotten it working. So far I have tried everything on and their how to's. I have tried some other sources on the net too and so far no luck.
    I'm using:
    wine version 0.9.1 for mandrake 10.1
    wine tools
    and Mandrake 10.1

    Right now everything works fine but i cannot install IE6 and I can't get mozactive x working. IE says failure to install some components and the Mozcontrol thing doesn't even start when I try to run any of it.

    -remember im a Linux noob for only using it for 1 month so far.

    The error messages are one of two things:
    1. Fatal error: cannot load bin/vgui2.dll (ive tried deleting that, deleting client registry.blob, and changing it out, etc it just redownloads it or updates it)
    2. Runtime error this program has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way. (i get this error after its done updating, Usually if I deleted the Clientregistry.blob, or vgui2.dll, i haven't tried deleting anything else)

    Also how can you do a second cd to install on. I mean how in windows you just take one out and put the next one in and then continue with install. Ive tried putting the install disc 2 and no luck on trying to have it continue with the install.

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    You'd be wise to check out I run Steam with Transgaming's Cedega (wine) and it works very well. Any particular reason you want to use IE? Linux has a large selection of browsers that work much better than IE, especially compared to trying to run IE under wine.
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    Well i don't feel like paying for a program to use when i could just dual boot. The only thing is that I don't like windows so I'm attempting at Wine. Also ive read that some programs use IE6's interface for the graphics or something like that.

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    I wouldnt mind paying 5$ a month for Cedega. But is there an alternative?

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    i think you can compile cedega from cvs and that way its free, but its not guaranteed to be stable.
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