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    ati drivers and winex

    i have a ati radeon x300 video card and i have installed the ati drivers and i selected the winex compatibility mode but in winex the video all messed up the only game i have tried is battlefield Vietnam and i ran it under the mesa drivers when i first installed it and it worked the video was really lagy but it worked then i installed the ati drivers and it freezes up at the video and then goes back to the desktop with the resolution all screwed up can anyone help i would really like to get my games working

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    Well ATI has pretty bad drivers for linux and that might be part of the promblem

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    are there any 3rd party drivers that will get me the 3d suport i need that i can get

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    yeah theres a project called r300 (its on sourceforge) that does some if i remember rightly, but its not easy to install and only works for some games. ive been trying with ATI drivers for yonks and the only thing i can recommend to you is nvidia.
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